Bartoli Happy With Retirement

Marion Bartoli reckons that she didn’t make a mistake by deciding to retire after her Wimbledon glory last year.
Bartoli is in United Kingdom at the moment and yesterday, she even addressed the press at the All England Club as the previous year’s Wimbledon champion.

When she was asked about getting retired even before the age of 30, the Frenchwoman said, “That was a decision taken after deep thinking and I believe that was a right one. It was impossible for me to move my arm even little bit at this point of time last year and it has not changed at all in the last 12 months. Even today, I find it hard to make any movement with my arms. So, to continue playing was not an option for me to be honest.”

Bartoli has not stayed back at home after retirement. She has been busy in her other commitments. She’s been doing commentary for TV channels as well as doing a bit of designing work as well.

When she was asked how her life has been since she has left the game, Bartoli said, “It hasn’t been that bad. I have kept myself engaged in other stuffs, but, nothing has given me more pleasure than playing tennis at the top level. I feel so proud of myself when I tell other people that I am a Grand Slam winner.”

“I watch that final match of last year’s championship on a regular basis. Whenever I get time, I open You Tube and watch myself achieving glory. It gives me immense satisfaction.”

The last year’s Wimbledon was the only Grand Slam trophy that Bartoli lifted in her professional career which went on from 2000 to 2013. She couldn’t reach even the final of any other Slam.