Federer not Complaining

When most of his fellow professionals are complaining about the hectic schedule that they are going through in preparation for the upcoming 2012 season, Roger Federer is quietly going on about his work, hell bent on reclaiming the number one position that he feels that he deserves.

One of the most common questions in press conferences before the start of the 2012 season is about the training schedule and almost all the other players including the current world number one Novak Djokovic, world number two Rafael Nadal and world number four Andy Murray have described their schedule as hectic, painful, destructive and pitiless.

But the Swiss master, ever so classy and elegant on the court and off it, replied to questions about his schedule by stating that the tennis calendar is extremely grueling no doubt and that is what makes the game so exciting. The former world number one did not have the best of seasons in 2011 by his own high standards during which he failed to win a single Grand Slam event and saw his ATP rankings slip to number three.

As a result, the sixteen time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer is adamant about his approach to the game and is eager to return to the top of the tennis mountain, a position that he has made his own over the last few seasons. Federer is arguably the greatest tennis player in history and by far the most durable having seen the fall of many great players before him.

But he is not ready to give up on the crown of top position and wants to achieve a record 20 Grand Slam titles which would make his the greatest player in history without an doubt and with his training regimen, it might just happen that Roger Federer does manage that feat.