People are considering Stanislas Wawrinka’s win over Roger Federer

People are considering Stanislas Wawrinka’s win over Roger Federer in the Round of 8 in the French Open an upset and that is obvious.

Federer was the second seeded player in the tournament, while, Wawrinka was 6 positions below him in the seedings.

Also, the head to head record between the two players was overwhelmingly in Federer’s favour.

So, the maestro losing it was definitely an unexpected thing.

However, if someone puts close thoughts into it, he would realize it was not actually that big an upset.
Wawrinka is not just another bloke on the tour. He has turned himself into a quality player over the last couple of years.

Also, he knows a thing or two about Federer’s game having playing alongside him in the Davis Cup and against him in many competitions before.

Talking about the match, it ended in straight sets, but, it could have changed upside down if the third set, which went into the tie breaker, had gone in Federer’s favour somehow.
But, Wawrinka made sure he did not make any mistake during that vital phase of the match.

With this win, Wawrinka has now come up as a real contender to even lift the trophy this time around in Paris.

His fans would be hoping that his closest competitors Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have long, tiring outings in the quarters and the semis.

As far as Federer is concerned, this loss would hurt him for a while. He was not expected to go all the way, but, he would certainly feel that he should have been in the semis.
With all due respect to Wawrinka, with Federer getting knocked out, the tournament lost a bit of spark as well. His clash against Djokovic or Rafa in the final would have made a cracker.