Venus Williams always wanted to Become Business Entrepreneur

Venus Williams says starting a business was something she had always seen as a future plan even when she was really young and that’s why, she studied business administration and also took courses of designing so that when she eventually got into business, she could contribute to it and not just be limited to providing a brand name.

In Venus’ view, one thing she knew from her teenage was that sportspersons can’t drag their careers as far as the professionals of other fields can. Even if a sportsperson spends a really long time playing, it’s still a short time from a job perspective. So, she had other career goals apart from Tennis.

Venus admits that she might be able to attract the customers and the clients for her business easier because of her name, but, she believes no business runs on the name or reputation, it actually runs on quality and she also will have to show quality and be consistent with it if she has to keep her products in the market for a long time.

According to Venus, it’s her parents who developed the multitasking attitude in her as they did not allow her or her sister to just play, but, put the two of them into studies as well and asked them to pay equal attention to the studies. So, from the childhood itself, she is kind of used to multitasking and so, she does not find it hard to play the dual role and work both as a player and as a businesswoman.

Venus says business is one of the things she prioritises at the moment in her life and she even wakes up before her normal time on days when she has to spend more time in the office.