Maria Sharapova is best Player of this Generation

It was hard for anyone to imagine even in his wildest of dreams that Maria Sharapova, one of the best female tennis players of this generation, would lose to her compatriot and 97th ranked Daria Gavrilova in Round no. 2 in Miami yesterday.

Miami has been one of the most favoured venues for Sharapova. She has had so much of success there.

She had made as many as 5 appearances in the title round there and had surely seemed in for the 6th one this time around. But, it was not to be.

And, what must have been disappointing for Sharapova was that she did not even manage to run her young opponent close.

It was a fairly easy walk for Gavrilova. The opening set indeed looks a close one in the score line as it went into the tie break, but, Sharapova was actually struggling in that quite a bit and never looked like clinching it.

And, once that tie breaker went wrong, she almost gave up.

The Russian legend, who is one of the highest earning female sportspersons going around right now, blamed her own self for the loss saying that she was not focussed enough.

Speaking in the presentation ceremony following the match, Sharapova said, “I was the favourite going into it for sure, but, this is the beauty of the game you know. You might have an upper hand or you might be the better player, but, it’s important for you to go and play properly and get the job done. Unfortunately, I could not today. That’s the way it goes.”

“I should have been a little more patient perhaps and should have bided for my time. But, I tried to show a bit too much of aggression and that backfired I guess.”