Serena Williams reckons Caroline Wozniacki has it in her

Serena Williams reckons Caroline Wozniacki has it in her to go on and win a number of Slams in the coming years.

Wozniacki, who was the top ranked player in the world a few years back, is presently not even in top 10.

Her performances in the recent times have not been up to the standard she had once shown, but, according to Serena, she’s pretty young and still has to hit her prime.

Serena was quoted as saying, “At only 21, Caroline managed to get to the top of the rankings and not only did she get there, she stayed there for a while too and that’s an indication of how much talent she has got.”

Wozniacki had a decent 2015 as far as the winning percentage’s concerned. In the low profile events that she took part in, she went well, but, what her fans would be disappointed with is that she couldn’t go to the latter stages in too many of the majors.

In fact, she just made a solitary final appearance in the majors in the whole year.

But, Serena defended her saying that it’s not easy these days to be consistent in big tournaments all the time as the competition is extremely stiff.

In the words of Serena, “She has not had a Slam yet yes, but, I am sure it would come to her somewhere down the line and not once, a number of times. She is only 24 or 25 at the moment; there is plenty of time left.”

“You will also have to take into account that in this age, there’s so much of talent around and the competition is so tough that even if you play well at times, the success is not guaranteed. But, I have no doubt that Caroline will have her time again.”